Home Staging – Proven to Help Homes Sell Faster For More

By Jennifer Wezensky

With more than 2.1 million foreclosed homes already this year and a 9.9 percent unemployment rate, the outlook is still a bit grim. For homeowners who just can’t come up with the mortgage every month, selling may be the only option. Their homes very likely are worth less than what they paid. Now their backs are against a wall and they have to sell for the best price.

With little, if anything, to spend on home improvement to get a better price, the seller can improve the home’s appeal with some home staging techniques recommended by decorating pros. Some of these pros say that the return on investment for home staging can be between 200 and 500 percent, and the home may sell up to 35 percent faster.

According to the Home Buying Institute, staging a home for sale normally involves things of an aesthetic nature, such as design, organization and overall appearance – not mechanical or functional improvements.

There are some easy, inexpensive ways to stage a home for sale without a big expense:

De-personalize and de-clutter. Eliminate distractions. One of the biggest mistakes home sellers make is expecting that potential buyers will recognize the value of the home despite the personal belongings. Buyers want to be able to see themselves in the home. If they are distracted by knick knacks and excessive family photos, they have a more difficult time visualizing their family in it.

Simply rearranging your cupboards and closets can help. You may think that what is behind closed doors stays behind closed doors, but not to potential buyers. Many people will look in cupboards and closets simply to see how much storage space is available. By arranging your belongings you will create a more inviting feel, which can easily equate to a more comfortable living space.

Make necessary home repairs. Buyers will notice cracks in paint and tile. A leaky faucet could easily turn a buyer off. Spice up your home with easy and inexpensive renovations. If you have a hard time pin pointing potential problems, ask an objective third party. It is unlikely that a serious bidder will not ask for necessary home improvements.

It’s important to create a clean, neat atmosphere. There is a laundry list of cleaning that should be done from window washing to re-caulking. Waxing floors, dusting cobwebs, and putting up decorative towels are simple yet crucial to creating a desirable appearance to your home.

Staging does not have to be expensive, but it does have to follow some guidelines. A vacant home leaves very little to the imagination. Adding the right amount of décor can create the atmosphere of the perfect home. Proper staging will make small rooms look large and awkward rooms look like the perfect niche. Keeping your home light with neutral tones will appeal to more buyers than dark colors. Add hints of color and excitement with primary colored throw pillow or a vibrant bouquet of flowers. Do not try to get too eccentric; you may make certain buyers uncomfortable.

Platinum author Jennifer Wezensky is editor of BudgetDecoratingOnline.com, the one-stop resource for how to decorate on any budget. She leads a team of interior decorators to offer tips, trends and ideas for the budget decorator. Wezensky also creator of the popular Facebook page, Decorating on a Dime.

Article Source: Home Staging – Proven to Help Homes Sell Faster For More

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