PGA West and The Golf Channel Amateur Western Masters

PGA West will be hosting the Golf Channel Amateur Western Masters event this weekend Saturday March 28th and Sunday March 29th on the TPC Stadium course and Jack Nicklaus Tournament course.

The 7th annual WESTERN MASTERS will once again be held at the “Western Home of Golf in America”, PGA West, the site of the 2011 and 2013 National Championship. All participants will have one (1) scheduled round on the Nicklaus Tournament Course and one (1) scheduled round on the Stadium Course. Tour Players from all over the country will converge on PGA West competing for double Order of Merit Points, qualifying spots into the 2015 National Championship, and the coveted title of Western Masters Champion.


The top 3 finishers per flight, including ties, will qualify for the 2015 National Championship


Rated as on of the “Top 100 Courses in the World” by GOLF MAGAZINE and 4th toughest course in America in Golf Digest’s “Top 50 Toughest Courses in America (2007),” there may be no greater challenege or excitement in the game of golf than the Stadium at PGA WEST! The world famous Stadium is one of Pete Dye’s finest course creations, delivering multiple adrenaline rushes throughout the round. Host to PGA TOUR “Q-School” Finals every other year, PGA TOUR hopefuls must steady their nerves to navigate the island green of hole #17, known as Alcatraz. Imagine yourself as one of them, needing to make par on the menacing water-lined 18th hole to earn the coveted PGA TOUR card!


Challenge, beauty and drama permeate every Jack Nicklaus Course, and the masterfully designed Nicklaus Tournament is no exception. It is one of the only courses in the world to feature two island greens. The enormous and undulated double-green of holes 9 & 18 are perfectly viewed from the Stadium Clubhouse.

The Nicklaus Tournament continues to play co-host to PGA TOUR Qualifying Finals.


73-72–145 Hardeep Dhani (Championship)
74-69–143 Kevin Trent (Senior Championship)
81-75–156 Andrew Schmidt (Palmer Flight)
73-80–153 Richard Hunt (Senior Palmer)
82-81–163 Carl Lekavich (Hogan Flight)
84-83–167 Mike Hafner (Senior Hogan)
91-85–176 David Ziebarth (Sarazen Flight)
87-79–166 Mark Millard (Senior Sarazen)
97-87–184 Jennifer Forsythe (Jones Flight)
90-95–185 Jung Modrich (Senior Jones)
100-101–201 Steve Turner (Snead Flight)
97-93–190 Alan Wettig (Senior Snead)


72-68–140 Mark Mulder (Championship)
82-79–161 Mike De Jonge (Palmer Flight)
81-76–157 Justin Caddow (Hogan Flight)
85-78–163 Christopher Go (Sarazen Flight)
88-82–170 Sanjay Prasanna (Jones Flight)
102-88-190 Jose Carlos Linares (Snead Flight)
77-74–151 Jeff True (Senior Championship)
75-80–155 Mick Yanoschak (Senior Palmer)
78-75–153 Dr Michael Fair (Senior Hogan)
84-83–167 James Wofford (Senior Sarazen)
97-86–183 Gary Roberts (Senior Jones)
93-96–189 Joe Strong (Senior Snead)

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