PGA West Bighorn Sheep

PGA West

If you live or visit in the Coachella Valley, then you’re probably aware of our wonderful Bighorn Sheep we have in our area. They love our mountains and often will come down to graze in our neighborhoods.

Bighorn Sheep In The Coachella Valley

According to our own Bighorn Institute, by 1982 the Bighorn population had dropped to fewer than 1200 in the United States in their full range from Palm Springs to Mexico. In 1998 Bighorn were listed as an endangered species by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. As of 2016 they estimate about 950 Bighorn now live in nine different recovery areas. PGA West Bighorn Sheep

PGA West Ginger Nelson

PGA West seems to be a favorite spot for the Bighorn.

It’s not uncommon to see Bighorn hanging around the fairway, almost certainly silently judging how everyone is hitting the golf ball. Often times a resident or visitor may wake up and venture outside with his or her first cup of coffee only to find a Bighorn family having breakfast on grass right outside the door. Recently, these Bighorn youngsters were caught on camera trying to figure out why these other “stoic” Bighorn just didn’t want to say hi or play with them at the clubhouse here at PGA West. Without getting into the debate of co-existing with these majestic animals, we just wanted to share these adorable pictures and the fact that we are thankful to have such experiences with them on a regular basis.

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